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Dear valued customers,

We remind you that you can contact by email our Customer Support Department at

We will answer your questions within 8 Hours of receipt.
What is is official website of An Travel agency; it gives internet users the possibility to search accomodations directly online. gives the users the opportunity to view the properties' pages, check hotels facilities and prices and then send reservation requests to the An Travel support department.
How exactly does the reservation system work?

Once you have made a reservation request, it arrives directly to the An Travel support department who then responds to the related hotel. The service provides an effective, secure and simple channel of communication between hotel properties and users. After your accomodation is approved you will be notifed via your email.
Why register?

Once you have made a reservation request, your personal information is required to give you the best service. Once you register you don't need to fill customer form by providing your email and password.
How much does it cost to make an online reservation with

The reservation service is completely free for our users. Membership subscription is free. There is no charge for seraching for accomodations, for making or cancelling bookings.
When I make a reservation request, how is it processed?

The reservation request is sent directly to the property selected by An Travel support department. It then processes the request via the system and sends its response An Travel support department. If your credit card information is correct and complete then your reservation will bw completed by An Travel support department. After completion you will be notified by "HOTEL - VOUCHER" via your email.
How do I check the status of my reservation request?

You can check the status of any reservation request by entering into 'My Account' with your registered email address and password and view all your current reservations.

Reservation status descriptions:
New Reservation Your reservation is reached to support department.
Pending Reservation Your reservation is in progress.
Completed Reservation Your reservation is completed.
Rejected Reservation Your reservation is Rejected.(not available)

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